Personal Finance Dashboard

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Personal Finance Dashboard A Sample Dashboard for you to start working on the Dashboard is-dark-text"> Practice File is-dark-text"> Answer File...

Basics of Charts in Excel

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Basics of Charts in Excel is-dark-text"> Download the Practice File...

Advanced Date Formulas

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Advanced Date Formulas is-dark-text"> Practice This...

Basics of Pivot Tables

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Basics of Pivot Tables Let's Understand Pivot Tables, but before that download the sample dataset from the below section. is-dark-text"> Student Placement Data Business Questions to answer. Trend of Gender wise SSC and HSC scores (average) ? How did HSC scores impact the department chosen ? Schooli...

Count and CountA formula in Excel

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Count and CountA formula in Excel Learn how to use these Excel FOrmulas on your dataset and its use cases. Also, don't forget to download the practice file. It's easier to use our practice file so you don't have to create one for a business question Count Formula Counts anything in a numerical data...
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